The 1997 Donald E Knuth Scholarship

The TeX Users Group makes available one Knuth Scholarship for award in 1997. The competition is open to all TeX users holding support positions that are secretarial, clerical or editorial in nature. It is therefore not intended for those with a substantial training in technical, scientific or mathematical subjects and, in particular, it is not open to anyone holding, or studying for, a degree with a major or concentration in these areas.

The award will consist of an expenses-paid trip to the 1997 TUG Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, and to the Scholar's choice from the short courses offered in conjunction with that meeting; and TUG membership for 1997, if the Scholar is not a TUG member, or for 1998, if the Scholar is already a TUG member. A cap of $2000 has been set for the award; however, this does not include the meeting or course registration fee, which will be waived.

To enter the competition, applicants should submit to the Scholarship Committee, by the deadline specified below, the input file and final TeX output of a project that displays originality, knowledge of TeX, and good TeXnique.

The full announcement appeared in TUGboat 17 #3; it will also be posted to CTAN, in tex-archive/usergrps/tug/scholar.*. A brochure with additional information is available from the TUG office. To obtain a copy, or to request instructions on email submission, write to the address at the end of this announcement, or send a message by email to with the subject Knuth Scholarship request.

The following schedule will apply (all dates are in 1997):

    21 April - 2 June   Judging period for submissions 
    9 June              Notification of winner 
    28 July  - 1 Aug    1997 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California

All applications should be submitted to the Committee in care of the TUG office

             Tex Users Group
             P.O. Box 1239
             Three Rivers CA 93271-1239 USA
             Phone:  +1 209 561-0112
             FAX:    +1 209 561-4584
marked for the attention of the Knuth Scholarship Competition.

Nico Poppelier
Liaison to the Donald E. Knuth Scholarship Committee

Updated Apr 16, 1997